Editing Excel File on Compatibility Mode

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When using Excel 2007 under Compatibility Mode with Windows XP and Office 2003, there are certain things that I cannot do correctly.

It is when I cut, copy or paste any data into another spreadsheet, the picture mode will pop up and the data will lock.

If I open the data into 2007 and then cut, copy or paste, it become editable and can work again with the data.

How to resolve this? 

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Editing Excel File on Compatibility Mode



When working with Office Excel 2007, compatibility mode prevents new features in Office Excel 2007 from being saved to a file that will be edited in a previous version of Excel. If a user attempts to paste a content that is not supported by previous versions, compatibility mode downgrades the content to a form that is recognizable by the previous versions.
To minimize disruption to users who are collaborating between different versions of Excel, new features are limited in compatibility mode. To disable or exit compatibility mode, you must convert files to the system format. To detect features that are nit recognized by previous versions, use the Compatibility Checker.
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Editing Excel File on Compatibility Mode


Hi Kingruiz,

Saving in the ms excel 97-2003 compatibility format is always the solution in most cases to problems arising between word 2007 and 2003. But in this case you are saying that you already saved your document in the format, but I will just ask you to confirm that by saving the document a fresh in another folder and see if that works.

Otherwise the problem could be a bug in the excel code, which may be needs that you make some modifications in the macros which you access by using the visual basic editors, by simply pressing ALT+11 on your keyboard.

There should be a code/module to fix that.


Lee Hung

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