Is ecommerce possible only with web designing?

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Is ecommerce only possible with web designing.Can't it be done without web designing? Is ecommerce a vital part of web designing?

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Is ecommerce possible only with web designing?


Hey Benjamin Morgan!

Let me explain you the idea of E Commerce by elaborating its word. "E" refers to Electronic and Commerce means the buying and selling. Now if the letter "E" (Electronic) is involved in Commerce, it means Commerce through the internet. So the first answer of your question is that, mostly E Commerce based on (WWW) websites.

Secondly, Web designing really plays a vital role in E Commerce. I can explain it to you with the help of an example.

If Mr. A has a store with a broken door, and garbage in one corner with some smell, then nobody would like to enter in his store. On the other hand, if Mr. A has a well-designed user friendly website on the internet, everyone would like to prefer his website on other. So web designing is really important for E Commerce.

I hope I have clear you about E Commerce.


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