Dreamweaver MX template error “Nested editable regions”.

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Hi all,

Dreamweaver MX template shows me this error "Nested editable regions" even though there are no nested editable regions and it also refuses to update the linked pages.

Please tell me what could be wrong?

Thanks for your reply

There is an error at line 4, column 138 ( absolute position 267) of ' ' ) Nested editable regions.

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Dreamweaver MX template error “Nested editable regions”.


Check again the whole project thoroughly to make sure that there are really no editable regions. Save your work and if you want to make a backup you can do so. After saving it, close the application. Uninstall it completely then install it back to fix any corrupted files in the installation and to restore its settings back to default including some that you might have customized.

You can also check your computer for any possible errors after removing the application. Use a disk utility application to check the system. For a much thorough diagnostics on the system, use a disk utility application like PC Tools Performance Toolkit.


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Dreamweaver MX template error “Nested editable regions”.


Hallo Angelo,

The file seems to be missing a closing </head> from the code in the image you have pasted above. The error also seems to be pointing to the last character in the code before the <body> tag. For those reasons, Dreamweaver is not able to make any sense of the syntax you have provided and as a result the error message you are getting.

To fix that issue, you will need to use the following simple procedure:

  • In your code, go to line 48 and then insert </head> between </script> and <body>
  • After that, locate line 20 as well as line 80. You will see a line return between the I and MG of the <IMG> tag. Make any appropriate changes to it.



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