Downloader error No permissions to write to harddisk

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So I was downloading some files with my JDownloader.

When I was downloading a file from rapidshare with separate .rar files.

I got to download parts 1 – 6 but when it got to part 7 I got this error “[aborted] No Permissions to write to hardisk”.

So I checked my hard disk for how much memory was left there was around 50 GB of free disk space.

I have no idea what to do now. 

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Downloader error No permissions to write to harddisk


This matter is faced by lot of users when downloading JDownloader from Mediafire.The primary solution is to disable the download and then re – enable it hoping to reset or re – add it after removing the download. May be there are compatibility issues with Mediaifire and JDownloader.

So to reduce this risk minimize the downloading files less than to 2 at a time and do a connection reset, firewall reset.

In some cases when there are large archives which takes a longer time to extract with RAR (JD-UNRAR) and you are still downloading more files this problem persists to happen. Also there are cases that the program is unable to recognize whether download is complete or not and tries to download more. This error can be solved by renaming RAR.PART file into RAR.

Some suggests that turning off the VB scripts can overcome this matter. Navigate to your browser (IE) and select tools > Internet options > Advanced tab > Select ‘Disable Script debugging’ check box and clear the ‘Disable a notification about every script error ‘check box and click ok.

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Downloader error No permissions to write to harddisk


Hello Marcus,

When you get that error, it could be due to a number of reasons.

  • It could be possible that your HDD is faulty.
  • The HDD may also not be having enough disk space.
  • Or another program could be locking the file as well as preventing jDownloader from doing its job.
  • Even if the problem only occurs with FS, you will need to do a disk check and ensure that there is some free space to rule the first two out.
  • Another thing that you should give a shot is disabling your antivirus to ensure that it's not interrupting.
  • Try to re-download the file again.
  • Try to check your antivirus or other programs that are complicating with the download process.



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