Download files like mp3, videos and application.

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Good day!

I have a question about download, how can I know if the files like mp3, videos and applications that I download at many sites are safe and doesn't contain viruses, because sometimes there are incident that the anti virus that was installed on my computer doesn't detect the virus, although that anti virus was always updated.

Many sites are offering free downloads. Can you please give me tips to know, if the files that I am going to download is safe or not?

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Download files like mp3, videos and application.


Hi Mon_anthony_era,

I believe I can be able to help you in solving this question. There are some websites that are not genuine or trustworthy such as those that do not display information about themselves. This is what you need to do to verify if the websites are trustworthy;

When opening the website that you need to download the media such as music from e.g mixcrate, check for the 'https' beginning to address in the address bar. If the address doesn't begin with 'https' such as it is 'http' then the website is not genuine.

Trusted website url

You also need to use the latest updated browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, it will show whether the website is genuine or fake.

You may opt for Kaspersky internet security if you haven't installed it on your computer. It is easily downloadable from the Kaspersky website.

Ensure that the file downloaded is about the same size as it is meant to be i.e. if the file is meant to be 100mb, it shouldn't show a size of 40 Mb even if it is zipped.

I hope this solves your query.


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