Decide which anti-virus is best

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Hello Experts!

Which do you think is the best anti-virus between Avast and ESET SS 5?

I would love to hear your personal feedback and user experience.

Thank you very much!

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Decide which anti-virus is best


Dear Stanley

If you can afford to pay a few bucks then I would suggest ESET SS 5.

The features are really good and secured one relatively than the Avast.

Good luck.


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Decide which anti-virus is best


Hi Mr. Steward,

I prefer and would highly recommend for avast. Because when it comes to its security, Avast security software for antivirus gets a lot. It is got an orderly interface, functionality and a numerous of great features that stay at its vanguard of Windows security.
I agree that it really suites really good, progressing its performance in efficiency assessment if there are serious and sever problems. That is why I am enthusiastically suggesting that Avast is at best.
It is generally antagonistic forward-thinking feature set, incredibly well as defending your computer, and avast already earned its honor.
Hope this might help you. 
Stanislava Yap
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Decide which anti-virus is best


Dear Mr. Stanley Steward,

What's your question tells is that you are having confusion about using one of them as a best in functionality.

The popularity of avast in common people and offices is much more than the ESET SS 5 antivirus.

Avast provides more security than the ESET SS. When you attach your any device to your PC, it warns you about the viruses which the device may have. The big one virus is a Trojan horse virus which if once is connected to your PC,will hide all your folders and make its own folders.

So avast will warn you about it, but not ESET SS. Although ESET is too good for your PC security level, but not for protecting it from Trojan horse like viruses. It determines the threads if by mistake you device transfers viruses, via scanning.

Make ESET your second choice as compared to avast.

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Decide which anti-virus is best


Hi there, the truths being both software is good enough to protect against basic protection your computer needs.

I would recommend Avast however, due to its Malware protection while ESET does not protect against.

Here are the pros and cons of both Antivirus Software.

Avast! ESET
Has Anti-Rootkit  Does not have Anti RootKit
Has Anti-Spam  Has Anti-Spam
Has Anti-Spyware/Adware  Has Anti-Spyware/Adware
Has Anti-Virus   Has Anti- Virus
Has Automatic Updates   Has Automatic Updates
Has Boot-Time Scan  Has Boot -Time Scan
Has Email Protection  Has Email Protection
Has Firewall  Has Firewall
Has Keyloggers  Does not have Keyloggers
Has Malware  Does not have Malware
Does not have Parental Controls  Has Parental Control
Has Real-Time Protection  Has Real – Time Protection
Does not have Trojan protection  Has Trojan Protection
Does not have Web Protection  Has Web Protection

All the best in choosing the one that suits your needs.

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Decide which anti-virus is best

Both ESET Smart Security 5 and Avast are good antivirus software.
If you have a moderately powerful computer with a dual core processor, 2GB RAM and 250GB hard disk drive, I’d advise you to go for ESET.
However, if your computer rather sluggish, go for Avast. It requires less system resources and performs very well.
However, if you want the best of all antivirus software, I’d strongly recommend ESET NOD32.
 It is the best one I have ever come across, and I have found it better than most widely used antivirus software, eg. Kaspersky. 
Go to this site for more information on virus and antivirus:


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Decide which anti-virus is best


Thank you all experts for your answers, namely Rajkumar, Stanislava yap, Amna butt, Michelle B, ans ssuvo64.

All your answers are very helpful.

I also like how you compared the best anti-virus against each other.

Narrowing it down, it seems like the best is Eset and Avast. Thank you all again.

Thanks TechyV!

Means a lot!

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