Doubts about red hat linux

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I have installed Red Hat Linux in my PC. But I don't know about Linux very deeply. I know some basic things in Linux. What is the commendation to copy a document into another directory in Linux? What is the difference between Linux and Unix? How do I find files in Linux?

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Doubts about red hat linux


Dear Jnila,

You can copy a document by using CP command.

In Linux we use this command to copy files and directories.

Usage of CP command.

Cp [options] file destination.

More than one file may be copied at a time if the destination is a directory.

Cp [options] file1 file2 destdir.

Cp must always be given least two arguments. When two arguments are given: the first argument is interpreted as the source file. Either an absolute or relative path name is acceptable.

The second argument is interpreted as the destination, Again, use either a relative or absolute path name. If it names an existing directory, a copy of the source file is placed in that directory with the same name as the source. Otherwise, the destination is interpreted as a file name, and copy of the source files is created with that destination name.

Now let try to compare Unix and Linux.

Unix Linux
Most Unix operating Systems are considered as a complete operating systems as everything come from a single vendor or from a single source Linux is just a kernel and all Linux distributions includes GUI system+GNU utilities + Installation & management tools+GNU c/c++ compilers+ Editors + And Various Applications
Most Unix Operating systems are not free (but this is changing fast) Linux is Free
Changes with the environment Most friendly OS
UNIX comes with its own firewall or need to purchase 3rd party software such as check point UNIX firewall Comes with open source firewall software to protect from intruders
Comes with back up and recovery tools Comes with back up and recovery tools
Comes with various file systems such as .jfs,gpfs(AIX),gpfs.jfs,gpfs, By default supports and use ext4 file systems
Comes with it own administration tools like SAM or HP-UX Comes with own Graphical Interface tools (tools)called redhad-config (Redhad Linux)
Unix Operating systems are HP-UX, IBM AIX,Sun Solaris, MAC OS X, IRIX

Linux distribution (operating systems) are

Red hat Linux Enterprise, Fedora Linux,Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Suse Enterprise Linux


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Doubts about red hat linux


Good day,


"Red Hat's Tim Burke has clarified Fedora/Red Hat's solution to Microsoft's secure boot implementation. He said, 'Some conspiracy theorists bristle at the thought of Red Hat and other Linux distributions using a Microsoft initiated key registration scheme. Suffice it to say that Red Hat would not have endorsed this model if we were not comfortable that it is a good-faith initiative.'"
Color me unimpressed, and certainly concerned: "A healthy dynamic of the Linux open source development model is the ability to roll-your-own. For example, users take Fedora and rebuild custom variants to meet personal interest or experiment in new innovations. Such creative individuals can also participate by simply enrolling in the $99 one time fee to license UEFI. For users performing local customization, they will have the ability to self-register their own trusted keys on their own systems at no cost." From what I can tell, the worst fears of the trusted computing initiative are coming true despite any justifications from Red Hat here. Note that the ability to install your owns keys is certainly not a guaranteed right.
Jacksonn Maria
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Doubts about red hat linux



Hi Jnila,

I'm also starting up on Linux myself and I asked those questions before. The simplest way to answer the difference between the two is that Unix is the finished product while Linux is like a clone of it. Linux was created to have a free version of Unix. It was created to be user friendly but as we see today "Mac OS" which is a "Unix" is currently the top user friendly OS today.

For the commands you can visit this website

Hope this helps!



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Doubts about red hat linux



A Red Hat distribution that is very easy to install. It is recommended for users who want to become familiar with Linux in a simple way. Like SuSE, and this distribution has something that makes it recognizes, and this is an application Linuxconf, by which it can configure the entire system. Red Hat has long been one of the most popular distributions in the world. Arose from Red Hat Fedora distribution. Red Hat has emerged 1994th years, and then was the first distribution that is used by RPM packages. Red Hat Linux 9, the final version, completed with the release of the 30th April 2004., and Fedora Core, which is derived from Red Hat continues to build.

Linux is an open source, free to use operating system widely used for computer hardware and software, game development, tablet PCS, mainframes etc. Unix is an operating system commonly used in internet servers, workstations and PCs by Solaris, Intel, HP etc. I hope that this post helped you.



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