Doing graphics programming on C using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

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Hi i am learning C programming language.

I am currently trying to do some graphics programming on Microsoft visual basic.

But i am not getting any options there for it.

Is it possible to do graphics work using C on Microsoft visual basic 6.0?

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Doing graphics programming on C using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0


Your problem is not clear. Infect, Both are different. C programming is different to coding in Visual Basic. Let me make you clear that Compilers for both the languages are different. A C compiler can compile only C code and a VB compiler compiles only visual basic code. However if you create a program using C and make an executable file means a .exe file, then you can run the executable from Visual Basic. This is however accomplished by the following

Use of shell() function in Visual Basic. in a procedure, writ shell( and you get the parameters to be passed to it. he parameters include the system path to the executable file.

However If you want to use graphics in Visual Basic form, then use the commands SetColor( X, Y, RGB Value). and GetColor(X,Y). The SetColor method puts a certain color given by The RGB(r,g,b) function at a specified point in the form given by coordinates(X,Y) and Get Color returns the long value of color in RGB format. This can be used to print any graphics on the form.

Now let me know what you want.


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