Does Microsoft push notification service work on a Windows tablet?

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently involved in the development of .NET application for a windows tablet (which runs windows 7 OS) and I'm trying to understand if it is possible to enable push notifications for this app.

i. e. with Apple push notifications work both on iPhone and iPad, but with Microsoft products I've only found that push notification service is available for windows Phones: [Microsoft push notification service][1]. This and other articles on the Internet do not say anything about tablets and regular Windows 7 (not one for the phones). At least I was not able to find anything.

I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me clarify if it is possible to send push notifications to windows tablet.

Thank you in advance!

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Does Microsoft push notification service work on a Windows tablet?


Windows Phone 7 supports push notifications as a channel for the delivery of messages. But it was being rumored that for Tablets, Windows 8 will include the power to employ push notifications.

Push notifications which is most popular on mobile phones and tablets are small informational updates that are ‘pushed’ to the front of whatever application the user is currently using, even if the update is not from that app.

Window 8 strongly suggests that the OS is being designed with a tablet future in mind. Other recent turn-ups include the following: an application for webcam capture, and several references to tiles and pop-up toasts.

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