Do I need zip manager sur blackberry?

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I am the new user of BlackBerry Curve and I don’t know how to open zip files there. Do I need to install special zip manager sur blackberry application? But where to take it? I have no any ideas. Is it free or not I also don’t know. How to open those files, please suggest?

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Do I need zip manager sur blackberry?


 Hi Thomas, 

1.  You will need to download a 3rd party software to open them. Use this link:
2. The WinZip Command Line Support will help you to open zip files:
You can download another 3rd party software from this source link:
Thanks for asking.
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Do I need zip manager sur blackberry?


First off, you need an app to open the zip files. For that download FileScout from this site. It is a complete file text zip as well image manager. With this you can build directories and will be able to move file around. Remember that this doesn’t support password protected zip file. 

Another unzip app is BeamExplore File Manager which is free file manager for BlackBerry. It will assist you to appropriately manage your documents as well as BlackBarry content as you would on a PC.

Now see how you will open zip file with upzip app.

1.  First off, go to the app >> Click on Run.

As an example and for understanding clearly I will say, suppose you are using BeamExplore File Manager as its whole process is pretty looks to me.

2. Select BeamExplore and click on to active. When it will be active it will bring you to your memory folders on the BlaclBarry.

3. Next select the path to your Zip File >> select Memory Card or Device Memory.

4. And select zip file and see the extraction process will began automatically.

5. After receiving completing process message you will see a new folder has created with the name of the zip file present.

6. Your files are unzipped & save in that folder.

Now you will able to see your files.

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