Distinct features of MS Office 2007, Excel and Word

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Hi there,

Can someone please tell me the difference in features between Microsoft Office 2007 Excel and Word from the previous Microsoft versions?

For instance Microsoft Office 2002 Excel and Word, could anyone distinguish those features for me?

I would really appreciate your help.


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Distinct features of MS Office 2007, Excel and Word


The new options in excel 2007 are as follows:

Results oriented user interface : Instead of the old menu features, the new interface become easier than b4 the dialog boxes replaced with drop down galleries.

More rows and columns : Office 2007 supports up to 1 million rows and 16000 columns per worksheet also the memory management been increase from 1 GB to 2 GB and support multiple processors and chipsets. which will provide you with faster performance in large formula.

Office themes : You can quickly format your data in the worksheet by applying a theme or specific style to set the colors, fonts , lines, fill effects and themes can be shared with Office family like word, PowerPoint.

Conditional formatting : You can implement and manage multiple conditional formatting rules that apply visual formatting in the form of gradient color, databar, icons to data that meets those rules.

Easy formula writing : Formula bar will resize to fit long formulas function will auto complete with the proper syntax and provide rich help you can make structured references with named ranges and tables in formula ,and use name manager to organize and update multiple ranges.

New olap formulas : In case if you using SQL server analysis in Excel you can use OLAP formulas to build complex form.

Sorting and filtering : You can filter or sort data by color up to 64 levels.

Excel table : You can expand an excel table (list) with many new features and sorting or filtering your data.

New look for charts : Includes special effects such as 3D, transparency and soft shadows charting is also shared between excel, word and PowerPoint.

Pivot Tables : Much easier to use than b4. you no will not have to drag data to drop zones Instead, you can select the fields that you want to see in a new Pivot Table field list.

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Distinct features of MS Office 2007, Excel and Word


Word 2007:

1. Office Word 2007 does provide editing and reviewing tools for creating polished documents easier than ever before.

2. You have to spend less time formatting.

3. Add preformatted elements with a few clicks

4. Communicate more effectively with high-impact graphics.

5. Instantly apply a new look and feel to your documents.

Excel 2007:

1. In a new results-oriented user interface, Microsoft Office Excel 2007 provides powerful tools and features that you can use to analyze, share, and manage your data with ease.

2. It provides result oriented interface.

3. More rows and columns as well as other additional options.

4. New office themes and XP styles.

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