Disk Stripping in and I/O request in RAID

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How does a single-user and a multi-user disk stripping differ from each other by servicing I/O requests from a single workstation and or several workstations to be sent to a single hard disk or into multiple hard disks.

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Disk Stripping in and I/O request in RAID


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Redundant Array of independent Disks (RAID) uses striping by which data extends to multiple hard drives. It takes a single bulk of data and spreads it across multiple drives.

In the single-user disk striping, multiple hard disks are allowed to simultaneously service multiple I/O requests from a single workstation. However, in the multi-user disk striping, multiple I/O requests from several workstations are allowed to be sent to multiple hard disks. So if one hard disk is servicing a request from a workstation, another hard disk is handling a separate request from a different workstation.

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