Computer fails to load with two memory sticks

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I have 2 slots for memory on my motherboard. I already have 1 GB on the first slot and decided to add another memory stick on the other slot. My motherboard is an ASUS P5VD2 -MX. The two memory stick are generic. After installing the newly bought memory stick, my computer successfully booted then I checked on Belarc if my computer can read the installed stick. 

Memory Modules
960 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
Slot'A0' has 1024 MB

Slot'A1' is Empty 

A0 slot has 1094 Mb the A1 slot is empty. Meaning the computer could not read the memory stick I inserted. I close the computer for a while then checked if I properly connect the memory stick. Both are properly connected. So I decided to switch the 2 memory sticks. I put the old stick on A1 slot and put the new stick on A0 slot.

I open my computer, but it did not start before the windows gets to load. Even if I put the memory stick to its old position and temporarily disconnect the new memory stick, my computer still stopped before the windows. I tap F8 key to boot on safe mode, but I cannot continue using this mode.

It will also stop right before windows logo. I am running Windows XP. And I don't know how to test the two memory sticks since I cannot continue with my windows.

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

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Computer fails to load with two memory sticks


The question arises at first is what kind of memory module did you insert? According to specs found here, , your mothetboard supports DDR2 memory up to 667MHz bus. So, if you insert DDR2 module with 800MHz bus, it will not be detected. Also, check if the bus of the new memory matches with the old one. If one is 533MHz and another 667MHz, they can cause serious problems. Also, they should match latency time. Best would be if you try running the computer with one memory module at a time and see if it runs ok. If both memory passes, it would be that they does not match bus speed.

Also, try these testing tools, memtest86 and memtest86+ to see if there is any problem in the modules themselves. You can find them here:

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Computer fails to load with two memory sticks


I load a wrong one. Thank you very much for the helping me troubleshoot the issue. You are the best!

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