Disk Error 36 with Photoshop 4.0

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This is my first ever forum post and it is making me a bit nervous. I received the following error message while trying to use Photoshop 4.0. It says: "Disk error – 36 while reading or writing virtual memory file. Sorry but this error is fatal." I can work fine with the program, being regardless of the pop-up error message appearing again and again. But, it is much more disturbing while I work.

Please help me if anyone has an idea on what is the cause of this trouble and how to solve this matter.

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Disk Error 36 with Photoshop 4.0




This is not nervous thing this is good thing to get help from some person. This is good way to post forums because it also gives some more information. And the problem you are telling is that you are getting the message disk error this error occurs due to the following options:

1. The problem is that your Photoshop has might corrupted it might due to the factor that there are some file which are missing and so it might show pop up message due to this factor

2. The other option is that the drive in which you have installed your Photoshop which mostly would be C drive it might

3. One more option is that the RAM of your system is not so much and the Photoshop does not work well on it. Check the system requirements for Photoshop. If this is then install the lowest version of the Photoshop which is good working with you. If the system requirements are fulfill then this is also possible that you are fulfilling the minimum requirement so that is why this is showing this message.

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