Disadvantage of Using Touch Screen Phones

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Good Evening.

Ive been using my phone for how many years already and I think its about time to buy a new one as a reward for my hardwork.

Im planning to buy a touch screen mobile phone but Im not yet quite sure about its features and capability.. 

What are the disadvantage that I might encounter when using touch screen mobile phones.?

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Disadvantage of Using Touch Screen Phones


Hello Morblack.

Touchscreen phones are really "in" nowadays.  Having a screen that occupies the entire length and width of your phone gives it a lot of flexibility.  Part of the screen can become a keypad for quickly tapping out text messages or E-mail, it can become the game screen of your favorite mobile game and it can become a small TV screen for watching movies on the go.

The biggest disadvantage of touchscreen phones is the screen itself.  Being made of glass, it is prone to breakage.  A drop even from a low height can shatter the glass.  You can't put it in your pants pocket when wearing tight jeans.  Also, don't expect your phone to stay shiny and spotless as handling will definitely leave plenty of smudges on the screen surface.

Hope this helps!

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Disadvantage of Using Touch Screen Phones



  • Touchscreen mobile phones have a widescreen/big screen leads a high battery consumption, means that it has low battery life.
  • Screen might get dirty
  • In touch screen cellphones they are limited keys because it is flat  and does not provide proper support for our fingers unlike with keypads
  • Sensitive touch screen might not respond properly
  • Different types of mobile phones with touch screen have small icons
  • AND especially when it comes to repair it has to be more expensive than usual phones because of their small and unusual parts.

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