Error on COM Surrogate when browsing folders

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Hi. I am interrupted with an error. COM Surrogate doesn’t respond when I try to browse folders containing video or media files.

Give me solution please.

Microsoft Windows

COM Surrogate has stopped working

Windows can check online for a solution to the problem.

Check online for a solution and close the program
Close the program

. View problem details


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Error on COM Surrogate when browsing folders

This problem is definitely caused because of the codes and/or other software that were installed, but are not fully compatible with Windows Vista. Many candies and other software are not compatible with this version of Windows OS, for example different versions of DivX or Nero.
You can solve this problem in many different ways, but you need to have in mind that the right solution always depends on what software is causing these problems. As I already mentioned earlier, the most trouble-making software are DivX and Nero, so you should try to upgrade them. However, there are other software that can also cause this problem. This can be solved by turning off the Data Execution Prevention OD dllhost, but that may not always be the case. Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure it can help you with this issue so I'll explain it in detail. 
First, right-click on your My Computer icon and select Properties. 

Then click on Advanced System Settings, and under the tab Advanced click Settings. 

Choose Data Execution Protection tav and check Turn on Dep for all programs and services except those I select.

Click on the Add button and then go to: C:WindowsSystem32dllhost.exe. 

Click open and then OK. 

It is really important to this appropriately. 
This should pop up on your screen. 
With this you have solved your problem and you should be able to browse video folders without any problems. 
Have a nice day and enjoy your videos.
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Error on COM Surrogate when browsing folders


There are some possible reasons why the error “COM Surrogate has stopped working” appears. This problem is often associated with the codec installed by various applications that are not fully compatible with the version of Windows you are using.

There are two applications that are common to cause this: DivX and Nero. If you have any of these two applications installed on your computer and you encounter the COM Surrogate error while browsing folders containing different video and media files, there’s a possible solution for this problem.

If you have DivX installed on your computer, you should upgrade to the latest version. I think DivX Pro 7 is the latest. You can download it at

If you have Nero on your computer, you should also upgrade it to the latest version. You can check and download the latest version at

You can also disable the thumbnail preview which should solve the problem. But this is not the main solution to this problem. To disable the thumbnail preview using Windows Vista or Windows 7:

1. Open Windows Explorer.
2. Click Organize then select Folder and search options.
3. Click View tab.
4. Uncheck Always show icons, never thumbnails then hit OK.

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Error on COM Surrogate when browsing folders


Techvy is very luck to have Lopiz Ton, thank you very much for giving me a solution.

Without the pictures, it will be hard to follow your steps.

I ensure that there is a check in the checkbox of COM Surrogate, and now, I am not getting any problems.

Thank you very much

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