Different Point To Point VPN Software Features

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Hello everyone, I need to create a short and efficient note on VPN. I have heard about Point to Point VPN software. Kindly provide me some points with which I can get the clear knowledge of the VPN software, and it features.

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Different Point To Point VPN Software Features


VPN software has some exception feature. A short explanation is a mention below:

1. VPN robust nature.

It re-connects and re-establishes if the connection is over or if the user is switching between networks.

2. Multi-level authentication

It includes comprehensive authentication, including username and password, Secure ID, CAPI software and hardware tokens.

3. Hotspot Registration

Provide secure access to the hotspot.

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Different Point To Point VPN Software Features


The term “VPN” is the short term for “Virtual Private Network”. It is a technology that creates a safe and encrypted connection over a less secure network like the internet. The VPN technology was developed as a means to permit remote users and branch offices to access corporate applications and other resources securely. To ensure security, data travels through secure tunnels.

To gain access to the VPN network, users are required to use authentication methods like password, tokens, and other unique identification methods. The benefit of VPN to users is that it guarantees the appropriate level of security to the connected systems when the underlying network infrastructure cannot provide it. There are two types of VPNs: remote-access VPN and site-to-site VPN.

With remote-access VPN, it uses a public telecommunication infrastructure like the internet to allow remote users secure access to their organization’s network. With site-to-site VPN, it uses a gateway device to connect the entire network in one location to the network in another location.

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