Difference nikon pic style for canon

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Where can I find the difference between the pic style of Nikon and cannon.

I am confused about what to buy, and I need to know what is the difference between these two so that I can choose what I buy.

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Difference nikon pic style for canon



You can find the difference between the picture style of Nikon camera and Canon camera in Google.

  • Go to www.google.com
  • Type in the Google search box "canon vs Nikon image result
  • Find and click Canon 5D Mark III VS Nikon D800 Image Quality

Reading all the information between the differences of the two, you can decide which you will choose to buy.

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Heather marie


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Difference nikon pic style for canon


Hi Janetsbraswell

Well there are very few differences between Nikon and Canon.

  1. It has consistent mount throughout its available current generation of armature and pro DSLR Cameras.
  2. You can see if a lens mounts one it should mount on other.
  3. Some cameras with older lenses, you will not get metering and/or auto-focus.
  4. It used only auto-focus in the body.
  5. Its recent mirror less CX mounts differs from DSLR F mount.
  6. Its CX lenses are not able to use on DSLR’s.
  7. Still its adapters do exist to mount F lenses on CX mount.
  1. It has current two mounts (EF and EF-S)
  2. Its EF-S lens is made for APS -C sized sensor and physically it would not mount to a full frame camera.
  3. While EF lens is works for APS-C and for full camera.
  4. There are all auto-focus lenses of canon have focus motors in the lens.
  5. The off camera flash system of canon is very different between these two.
  6. They both have a few lenses in arsenal that other is lacking.
  7. For example (Extreme adjustable or macro soft focus lenses)
Now the important thing you should know that Canon has started making their own sensors while Nikon has started to use Sony sensors which are shared among several cameras.
These were the few differences between Nikon and Canon.
I hope you’ll understand this difference that will make a good sense for you about Nikon and Canon
Good Luck!
Johnstoon Leen

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