Difference b/w pentium D and dual core?

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What is the difference b/w Pentium D and dual core processor?

Please tell me the difference also tell me the difference b/w dual core and ​core2duo

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Difference b/w pentium D and dual core?


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Pentium D and Dual Core Processors have differences. Structure-wise, Pentium D has a design with simply putting two P4 cores sitting side by side and does not share anything and works independently, while with the Dual Core Processor, the L2 caches of the core are being shared. Thus, pertaining that the Dual Core outshines the Pentium D in all aspect and consuming lesser power and producing less heat. However, Pentium Ds are able to run at higher clock speed than Dual Core.

Dual Core and Core 2 Duo pretty much have less difference starting with the name Core 2 Duo which was only given to a more recent family of dual core processors. For a simpler note, Core 2 Duo is simply a subset of all Dual Core Processors that are out now in the market. As a summary, Core 2 Duo is the second line of Dual Core Processors from Intel.

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Difference b/w pentium D and dual core?


Difference between Pentium D and dual core processor:

1. Pentium D has a capability to run high clock speed than dual core.

2. Pentium D speed is up to 3.7GHz. But dual core speed is up to 3GHz

3. Dual core produce low heat compare to Pentium D.

4. Dual core takes low power than Pentium D.

5. Pentium D produces high heat. It also takes high power. So Pentium D is not suitable for laptops.

6. Pentium D has a TDP between 95 to 130W

Dual core has a 65W TDP

7. Pentium D is based on P4, but Dual core is based on core architecture.

8. Pentium D has a L2 cache. It works based on independently. They do not share anything.

Dual core has a shared L2 cache.

Difference between dual core and core2duo:

1. Dual core processor second batch is core2duo. Core2duo is a family of dual core processor.

2. In a single silicon chip dual core contain two cores.

3. Dual core processor speed 2.5GHz, but core2duo processor speed 3.3GHZ.

4. Dual core processor offers cache size 2MB, but core2duo processor offers cache size 6MB.

5. Dual core supports SSE3 for selected processor, but core2duo allows SSE4.

6. Dual core is better than core2duo because core2duo processor comes in high rate.

7. All core2duo are dual core processor, but all dual core processor is not a core2duo processor.

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