The difference between SOA and Cloud computing.

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What are the key differences between SOA ( service oriented architecture) and cloud computing?

How do they work, and which is the best option?

What does WSDL refer to?Also, what is 'Scalability' in Cloud Computing?


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The difference between SOA and Cloud computing.



The service oriented architecture (SOA). describes a service owned by a certain entity which can be used by other. The service will be described by a WSDL(web service description language). and it needs to be on a host (server) where it can be accessed and used. In order to locate the service we use the UDDI (Universal description discovery and integration). The SOA can be written in any language, but it still can be used by any one, the most important is that you get your results.

On the other hand, we have the Cloud computing concept, this new concept is becoming very famous, it is even being used by some mobiles manufacturers, the idea behind the Cloud service is that, you, as a user, you may need to use some resources (storage for example) and you don’t want to make the investment, in the other hand there are the providers that already have this resource, so you can use this resource and pay the provider for the amount of resources you use.


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The difference between SOA and Cloud computing.


SOA stands for Service-Oriented Architecture. It is an approach or method used to create an architecture based according to the use of services. It has the capacity to leverage the services over and over again within applications, which is known as composite applications, in addition to building and exposing services. SOA architecture allows for reuse of service.

This makes it needless to begin from scratch when you need upgrades and other modifications. Cloud computing is a general term used for distribution of hosted services over the internet. This allows companies to use a compute resource like storage, virtual machine, or application as a utility just like electricity instead of building and maintaining in-house computing infrastructure. With cloud computing, you get the following three main benefits:

  • Self-service provisioning
  • Elasticity
  • Pay-per-use

WSDL stands for Web Services Description Language. It is an XML-based language used to describe what services are being offered by a business. It also provides a way to access those services electronically for other businesses and individuals.

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