Difference between multi-programmed system and time sharing system

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Hi guys,

Please Explain the difference between multi-programmed system and time sharing system. Also tell me that What is the difference between FILE DESCRIPTOR and BUFFER?

Thank you all.

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Difference between multi-programmed system and time sharing system



My name is John Sena and I am a Master of Computer Sciences. During my studies I also faced that type of problems but I studied different types of books and got their answers.

Ok now the answer of your question is that. Those systems that can run multiple programs simultaneously are called multi-programmed systems and to support multi-programming and concurrent execution of processes, OS schedule the CPU in such a way that it runs all the programs by sharing CPU between them and hence help in completing the tasks of all the programs simultaneously. These systems are known as time sharing systems.

The answer of the second part of your question is that the Bounded Buffer is a buffer of fixed length. A buffer is a temporary storage space usually attached with input and output devices. File Descriptor is an integer assigned to a per process file descriptor table created against an opened file. The file descriptor is then used in different system calls like read, write, etc.

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