Difference Between MS Office Word And Google Docs.

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Hello, everyone, I was curious to know how the MS Office Word is different from the Google Docs. Although both are used to view and edit documents, what are the differences between them?

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Difference Between MS Office Word And Google Docs.


Google Docs is an online file editor. It syncs with the devices whereas if you work MS word you cannot sync online the documents with your devices.
Ms-word is offline software.

Features of Google Docs:

1. Different attractive Templates.
2. You can jump to different pages using Navigation sidebar.
3. You can obvious the format if you have copied the content from some other document.
4. You can do research any keyword.

MS Word is a Microsoft developed office suite application for Word course.
You can View, edit, and create beautiful documents on the go.


a. Bring out best writing.
b. Pre-defined templates.
c. Proofing tools that go above.
d. Work together in real time scenario.
e. Sharing simplified.
f. Create more impactful documents.
g. Work with PDFs.
h. Jumpstart your design.

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Difference Between MS Office Word And Google Docs.


If you want to know the differences of Microsoft Office Word from the online Google Docs, here are some. First off, Google Docs has few advantages over Microsoft Office Word. First, it is online. Unlike Microsoft Office Word that needs to be installed on your computer to use, with Google Docs, no installation is required. You only need internet connection to use.

Second, it is free. Microsoft Office Word is commercial software. You need to purchase it to use it. With Google Docs, your only ticket is your internet connection. Other than that, everything is free. Third, Google Docs synchronizes across devices. With Microsoft Office Word, it is not unless you install Office for Android on your device then you can sync.

Other than that, you need to copy your Office Word document to your device manually to be able to access it while you’re on the go. Microsoft Office Word and Google Docs both have spell check but this is the feature where Google Docs has a better edge over Office Word. Google Docs uses their search engine technology called “Did You Mean.”

If a word is spelled correctly but Google Docs doesn’t recognize it, you can add it to a “personal dictionary” which whitelists the word for future use. Office Word also has a spell check but it is not as effective as Google Docs. For example, Office Word can’t identify the difference between “affected” and “effected.”

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