Difference between local host and system name while using in http format.

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I want to know the difference between local host and system name while using in HTTP format. I get this error when I try to open with local hosts and system name.

 I want an expert to explain the difference so that I can know better about this and proceed further.

Please help me with this.


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Difference between local host and system name while using in http format.


Hello Gyle,

Localhost, as defined by www.whatismyipaddress.com, is the standard hostname (it is the name of the computer that identifies it when connected to the network) assigned to the loopback network interface. When translated into an IP address, it is always known as

When you type it in your browser (say Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox), assuming you have an Apache (a web server software used mostly by programmers), it will direct you to your web server. 

If you do not have an Apache, it will just display a blank page (or web page cannot be displayed message). On the other hand, system name, or also known as computer name, is the name that you assigned to your computer. You may find it on your system properties by following this instruction:

• Right-click MY COMPUTER then go to PROPERTIES.
• If you are running XP, click on a NETWORK IDENTIFICATION tab and you will see your computer’s full name in it.

System Properties

• If you are running Vista or Windows 7, you will automatically see your computer’s name in PROPERTIES.

Control Panel Home
Hope this solution helps you.

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