Pictures start coming as question marks after republishing the website

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Hello experts

I tried to publish the website; It loaded completely, but a week ago, I transformed the title of the home page browser and also the title of the filename. After republishing the website, it looked fine except for pictures that started coming as question marks.

Then I double checked to ensure the name of the file and they were good. The files were in the middle of the location and they were in .jpeg format, but after that, when I try to make any change to the website, I start receiving FTP publishing problems that read "failed to make remote directory".

Then I upgraded to 5.0.2 to make out if that would repair the issue, but the same things were seen again. Yet, credentials testing to the websites reply successful.

FTP Publishing Error

Failed to create remote directory ‘page8/page9/DeLucaLab.html’

Please see the screenshot.

I need your help.

Please help me to solve this.

Thanks a lot. 

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Pictures start coming as question marks after republishing the website





I looked at your site and currently it is not coming up with questions marks for pictures, but for future reference.


When you changed the title of the filename, from what I understand you to say, it changed the table for the html to view the source where your .jpeg files are located on your host server. When you changed the file name make sure you change the mapping in your html to coincide with your photos. Again it is looking good on my computer right now.


Also the issue with the FTP publishing error could be with the fact you changed your file name. If you are trying to edit a page that has one file tree on your computer locally and different one on your server you will run into a lot of issues. Sometimes it's best to log in to your server and look at the file arrangement in a web explorer.



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