Difference between ASP.Net, MCV Frameworks and PHP MVC Frameworks

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Can you please enlist the difference between the different languages used in website development like ASP.Net, MCV Frameworks and PHP MVC Frameworks.

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Difference between ASP.Net, MCV Frameworks and PHP MVC Frameworks


Hello Tawnee,

Each of the languages that you have mentioned has its strong points and weak points. But one thing that you should get clear is that asp.net mvc is not a replacement of the asp.net web forms, but they are rather both built on asp.net framework. That is the similarity they share.

For asp.net mvc, the following are some of the strong points it bears:

  • First, asp.net mvc provides a very fine control over rendered html control and it also offers cleaner generated html as well as a superior separation between user interface and code.
  • When using asp.net mvc, you will notice that it is easier to use it for unit testing. And also the size of the page is quite small, and it is pretty simple to integrate it with a framework such as jquery.

Some of the weaknesses that asp.net mvc may have include it not being event driven, and it does not offer strong support for third party library control.

On the other hand, asp.net web forms bear the following strengths:

  • You will notice that it provides a very good development capability for RAD, and also offers very good designer support in visual studio.
  • Another strength it bears is the ease it offers when it comes to development for data-heavy LOB applications.
  • Unlike asp.net mvc, it offers very rich control libraries and third party vendor support.

Some of the weaknesses it comes with include difficulty associated with the UI as it is coupled with the code, and also it is hard when it comes to unit testing. The page size view seems to be heavier here.


Clair Charles


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