Device we can use to defend us from invisible threats

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I want to know more about Flir One Thermal Imager. What are the features of this? Can I use it with Android and iPhone phones? How much is it in the market? Do I need to install a software to make it work or do I just need to connect the device with my phone and turn on my camera? If it do have a software, what are the system requirements? In using its application, what are the special features that it can offer to provide assistance? Does it show or can give me siren if it detects invisible threats?

Please provide me assistance. Thank you!

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Device we can use to defend us from invisible threats


Hello Rebecca!

Flir One is a thermal imager costs 350$ a set. As of this moment, Flir One is only available for Apple phones. Thus the manufacturer is doing their best to make it work with Android phones. With Flir one you’ll be able to detect any problem in your house by using the heat imager provide by it. If there’s any problem with your electrical socket, if it’s producing short circuit inside your wall you’ll be able to prevent your house being caught by fire and fix the problems inside your house right away. You need to download an application to make this work. You can use also the app to make creative images out of your captured Flir One image.

The specifications of Flir One are as indicated below.

1.  Available with iPhone 5, 5s, iOS 7.

2.  Micro USB and charger.

3.  Flir Lepton camera core.

4.  VGA – Flir MSX Blending

5.  Can detect temperature of 0.1 degree

6.  Scene camera temperature can detect up to 100 degree

7.  Operating temperature up to 35 degree


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