Dev C++ pointer Memory Leakage

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I am software developer I write code in Dev C++. This code is for sorting array list. I use here pointers now I debug this code when I compile this code then Dev C++ compiler Generate one exe file then I go to start button and click at Run and type there cmd now command prompt is open next I execute this exe file through command prompt but when I execute it then I receive below error any one tell me its solution.



Memory error detected! Copying between 2854e98 and 2854e44 did not result in accurate copy.

MemTest has detected that your computer cannot accurately store data in RAM.

You need to fix this.

See the online FAQ, question # 2 for advice on what to do next.


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Dev C++ pointer Memory Leakage


Programming needs memory management. So you must plan how to code or how the program works specially when using pointers. Pointers uses a lot of space in your central processing unit or in the cpu.

Solution for  this is to use a compiler directives for memory management like the $M compiler directives. This will manage the exe file how to use the memory.

Another option is to create an overlay file instead of compiling the who program in just one exe file. This will manage the program execution and loads minimal on the memory. Some functions and procedures may loaded only if the program calls or needed the function or procedure store in that overly files.

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