C++ Language Versus Turbo C Language

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What is the difference between the language of  C++ and the language of Turbo C programming?

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C++ Language Versus Turbo C Language


The Turbo C language, generally known as simply C language, is already a powerful programming language by itself and is also one of the building blocks of current high-level programming languages today. However, C++ is more powerful and more rich than C language because C++ is regarded as an extension of C language.

For one, C++ language is a very powerful tool when it comes to full memory utilization compared to C language. C++ also uses greatly the concept of Object-Oriented programming, which is the concept naturally present in all widely-used programming languages today like Java, Android and Python. Sure, C language used object-oriented programming concepts, but not as significant as what C++ utilizes.

But don't think that because of these advantages of C++ over C is that C is not usable anymore, because it still is. Most of the principles and concepts in C++ are non-existent if C language is not properly introduced and studied. Different commands can be confusing if C language is not learned first before C++.

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C++ Language Versus Turbo C Language



1. Turbo C is an earlier C compiler from Borland. ANSI C is the standard for the C programming language. Therefore, the two are different by definition – Turbo C is a computer program, and ANSI C is a specification for a computer program, which can be implemented in various ways. If we rephrase the question as "what are the difference between the C versions as depicted in the ANSI standard and as implemented in Turbo C?" I would say that most are PC-specific such as the use of far pointers.

2. C and C++ are two standardize language, so there does not exist "c turbo" which is at most simply a C compiler or IDE (integrated development environment).

C is a "normal" procedural language.
C++ is a sort of "extension" of C, providing all the need for OO (object oriented) programming, from class to method overloading and new keywords and construct needed for OO programming.

3. C is procedure oriented language while turbo c++ is object oriented.

you can find a lot about the difference .. try goggling or reading the first chapter of any book that concentrates on teaching C++.

c turbo or rather Turbo C is a compiler (software that converts the code that you write to the machine language) or rather an IDE (integrated development environment – which contains a text editor , compiler etc all accessible from the same program ) from a company called Borland.

you can find many such compilers or IDE's for different languages.

if you are looking for C++ compilers then go for Dev C++ or something similar.

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