Detailed features about VidMasta software

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Please do the needful for providing me detailed features about VidMasta software which will help me to download and get details on TV Shows and Movies.

If VidMasta  can be downloaded for free, please help me by providing the downloading link.

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Detailed features about VidMasta software


Hi Glenda,

I can give you the download link for VidMasta by click this here.

Here are the key features of VidMasta:

1. It uses Automatic Filtering which enforces proxies and encryption against untrusted IPs

2. It uses an algorithm called "Deep Search, Best Source", which is good for searching videos to download effectively.

3. It has "Popular Movies" option which shows recent most downloaded movies.

4. It has "Popular TV Series" option which shows recent most downloaded TV series. 

5. It allows you to download subtitles.

6. It allows you to set numbers of results after searching a specific title of a video.

7. It allows you to set the minimum value and the maximum value of the video file you are going to download.

8. It allows you to download a video with a specific file type or file extension.

9. It allows you to search movies by its release date, title, genre, rating, country, and language.

10. It automatically arranges search results by the popularity of the video.

11. It allows you view summaries of the titles.

12. It allows you to view trailers of upcoming movies.

13. It shows release dates and ratings of a specific video or movie.

14. It uses Multithreading for effective and fast loading time when searching for movies.

15. It detects video box sets.

16. It has PeerBlock Integration.

17. It automatically updates the software silently on your computer.


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Detailed features about VidMasta software


This program is dedicated on movies and TV series offering its users a fast download.

You can use VidMasta not only to watch different online movies and television series but allowing you to download them as well to supported formats. Here are several of its features:

  • Allows anonymity through automatic filtering of unknown IP addresses, or by using encryption and proxies.
  • You can use the Deep Search or Best Source algorithm to find better video download links.
  • Features the Popular Movies option to display the most recent movies that are mostly downloaded.
  • Features the Popular TV Shows option to display the newest TV shows that are mostly downloaded.
  • Allows offline searching of popular movie titles and download links.
  • Capable of downloading video subtitles.
  • Can be configured to limit the amount of search results.
  • Can be configured to set the minimum and maximum size of the video that you can only download.
  • You can change the format of the video that you’ll be downloading.

It works on all Microsoft Windows versions and requires Java 6 and later and most importantly you should have an internet connection. To download visit Softpedia VidMasta. Watch “How to use VidMasta to download and get details on shows and movies | video tutorial by TechyV” to know more about it.


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