Application’s digital signature has an error.

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When a dialog box pops up saying that the application’s digital signature has an error, should I continue to run it?

I attached the image box below: 


Warning-Security The application's digital signature has an error. Do you want to run the application? Publisher: Blackboard From: always trust content from this publisher.

The digital signature was generated with a trusted certificate but has expired.

Can you give me some advice on this.

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Application’s digital signature has an error.


These are the PopUps that will come when there is no digital signature assigned for that software of application that you are running Here, 

The main problem is few vendors doesn't provide digital signatures for their products due to which Windows through's these kind of errors. 

There are few software vendors who provide software for testing purpose or a beta release. For these kind of Software's also the windows will through such PopUps. 

Don't worry about this just press Run when ever you are trying to access this application.

Better check the release notes of that software before running it.

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Application’s digital signature has an error.


Hi there user:

Just check the ‘Always trust the content from this publisher’ and then hit Run. It won’t trouble you by receiving this error message anyway, but when/if you clear cache, the annoying error will appear again upon your launching the application.

To totally get rid of this error message, go to Security on the Application’s Control Panel. Click the Security, and then go to Certificates. Type the Trusted Certificate on the Certificate Type box.  Then remove the certificate. Problem solved!

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