Desktop shortcut icons not working

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I'm having a problem with my desktop icons. When I double-clicked them, I get the error message below.

Windows Explorer

Windows can't find '%SystemRoot%'. Check the spelling and try again.

I tried to run a disk check, ran a full system scan using my Antivirus software and even running a System Restore but it didn't work. I'm planning to reinstall those programs but it will take my time and I found it inconvenient.

Any suggestions guys?



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Desktop shortcut icons not working


This problem is because you don't have unset the systemroot. to fix this problem you should have to add it '%SystemRoot%':. Manually. the procedure to add it is as below.

  • If C drive is your main drive C:windows and not to use slash as you are administrator to the system.
  • you can also do this using command prompt. the command to set you %systemroot% variable is given below.
  • set SystemRoot= your main drive full colon and Windows this will set you SystemRoot environment.

If you are still facing the problem after applying these steps, do inform me.



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Desktop shortcut icons not working



This error message means the system cannot locate this file "%systemroot%", the command is not valid. The software is corrupted and can't specify the location.

You may try if this file is correct by testing in the Run window.

  •  Go to Start, click Run and type this command: %systemroot% and press OK
  • After pressing the Ok button, a window will pop-up if the file is found or not.
  • To help locate this file, you may try going to your c: drive
  • Try this command in the Run box, C:WINDOWSSystem32
  • If you are re-installing your windows, try this command; 
  • c:(your installation folder)

Run the CD and you may proceed on the installation.

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