Dell Inspiron “Exception Processing Message, Parameters” Error

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I am using Dell Inspiron. Recently pop up is coming and shows some errors. But I just denied those errors because there was no problem with that. There was an icon in the desktop which have automatically created. So, I just removed the icon form desktop. Then an error message comes up which says that ‘Exception Processing Message, Parameters and shows some numbers. I have selected cancel and lead to shutting down the computer. Whenever I am starting the system it will go to the log in screen and automatically coming a Black Screen with safe mode in the corners and displaying at the top that Windows 7 Home Premium. Also displays a message that ‘Scanning for hard drive errors’. It will help to solve the issue and it may take some time to finish’. The scanning process detected a hard drive problem such as boot sector problem. Install Windows Safe mode software to detect and fix the hard disk errors. The McAfee message is also coming without activating it. I have tried by ending the process through Task Manager. But there was no change in the result.

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Dell Inspiron “Exception Processing Message, Parameters” Error


Hello Charmaine,

Apparently this problem has to do with dysfunctional Norton Antivirus/Ghost or Quicktime. I have searched on various other forums have found out different solutions. However, your situation looks critical because you are not able to boot in to system normally. I suggest you try to uninstall your McAfee Antivirus and any Apple software like iTunes or Quicktime.

You can also read the solutions, others presented on forums here and Exception Processing Message C0000013 here. Just in case your hard drive has some problem, you can scan it for errors or hardware fault.  You can finally try to run a clean install to see if problem has been removed.

I assume you can back up your data in Safe Mode and there is not much to lose by doing a clean install.

I hope that was helpful.


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