Power problem by Sony VAIO

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I am using sony vaio core i5. The problem is when I close the lid it goes on sleep mode and I have lost all my contents. What should I do to prevent my contents from termination?

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Power problem by Sony VAIO


If you use the series of Sony VAIO Intel core i5 then it’s much easier to set all the VAIO setting by VAIO control center. Follow these steps.

1. Go to VAIO control center(you will find it on taskbar. if not, then search it by clicking on start. write Vaio control center in the text box)

2. Go to power management and click it.

3. Go to power options and click.

4. Click advanced power options

5. Click what closing the lid does

6. Then go to “when I close the lid”

7. There are some options.   1) Do nothing      2) Sleep        3) Shutdown      4) Hibernate

Then set option no one. I.e. Do Nothing

These VAIO settings are sometimes disable when you reboot the system, first of all check these settings that it is remained or not. If these settings are out then reset these options. And then every time re check it. Then you will easily close the lid of your notebook and will save your all contents from termination.

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Power problem by Sony VAIO




I have the solution for your problem

1. Click start and then Go to Control panel and then

2. Go to power option and click it.

3. Then Click what closing the lid does(it is located on the left side)

4. Then you will see “when I close the lid”

5. There are will options. Click on sleep and there will be a drop down box having you to choose from  Do nothing, Sleep, Shutdown, Hibernate choose “Do nothing” (if you want change both when battery and plugged in)

And then Click save changes for it to be save and now it is ok to close your lid


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