Delete my important menu from menu bar

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I use Microsoft Word 2000. It’s my official computer. Just last day I saw my Word have no File, Edit, View menu.

It showed only Format, Tools, Table, Window and Help menu. Maybe somebody deleted it from the menu bar.

Now I want to recover that menu.

How can I recover it ?

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Delete my important menu from menu bar


Your menu bar wasn't deleted. It is very easy to get it back.

  • Open your Microsoft Word 2000,
  • Right click on your toolbar or use Ctrl,
  • Then from that menu choose Customize toolbars and menus.
  • Then select the Menu bar, but highlight that line when selecting, not just to check.
  • Then click on reset and restart Microsoft Word 2000.

If this doesn’t help, use Ctrl but in the Microsoft Word 2000 window, not on the Menu bar. Sometimes pop-up won’t appear if Ctrl is used on the Menu bar but on the Standard toolbar which is inside of Microsoft Word window.

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Delete my important menu from menu bar


It is a matter of disorder. When somebody operated your computer and may have deleted "File,Edit,View,Insert" from the main menu bar. You must open your MS Word again.

  • Please select "Tools" menu.
  • Click on sub-menu "customize" you can see Toolbars, commands, options.
  • Then you of course select "Toolbars" and its sub-sub menu "menubar".
  • Click on "commands" you are now seeing "categories".
  • Select "File" click right button of the mouse on the deleted "File" menu area. You will see Reset, Delete, Name sub-sub menu. Here you can type File, Edit, View, Insert. It re-appear again File, Edit, View, Insert.

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