Word cannot open this document template

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Hello to all, this post of mine is regarding Microsoft Word, every time I will add a header on my document, and an error message will appear, it said Word cannot open this document template.

Word cannot open this document template.

The posted error message above give a lot of headache to me, since I need to put a header in my report, I already tried removing Microsoft Word and install it again, but the problem still persists, I don't know now what to do next, that's all in my mind in solving this issue.

Please share some ideas on solving my problem.

Hoping to hear from you soon

Thanks a lot guys.

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Word cannot open this document template


Hello Randy,

  1. First of all you have to check your MS Office. Maybe there is some file which is deleted or corrupted. This supports the header. So try to repair your Office and if you can't do that then try to re-install from some other source.
  2. Secondly you might see this error because the user template and startup settings in your system points to the same location. Which may be the folder of TEMPLATE in the folder of WORD on the drive of Windows? So change their point locations to fix the error.
  3. Go to the startup subdirectory and then go to
  4. Tools menu > Options > File Location > File type list>click on startup and the press the modify button > in the dialog box of modify click on startup directory and then save it.

These are the default settings which were changed somehow in your system. After this restart your PC and check.

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Word cannot open this document template


Hi good day,

To fix this kind of issue first thing to do is:

  1. Exit Microsoft Word
  2. Click Start menu select and click Run,
  3. Type “%appdat%MicrosoftDocument Building Blocks1033”
  4. Then click OK.
  5. Move the Building Blocks.dotx file to a temporary folder.
  6. Start Microsoft Word.

Thank you.

Hope you can do it.



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Word cannot open this document template


You have installed your MS Word on customized mode. But you have non selected the option which contains Microsoft Office shared files, and for that reason you are having this error message. So please repair your Microsoft Office by installing repair option and then try again, hope that it will solve your problem.

If this suggestion does not make your problem solving than there is only the other way and that is you have to remove your Microsoft Office and install it again.

Hope you will be able to use after this. But if you are using Windows XP then you may not survive form this until you change it into Windows 7.


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Word cannot open this document template


You must change and install your Operating System software into Windows 7. Your problem would solve definitely. While you begin Word, this error message can appear: Word cannot open this document template.

  • You perhaps have to several times either click on  CLOSE or click on "X" sign of  the error message dialog box.
  • You should edit Header with the help of Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Click on Microsoft Word.Click on File Menu on the status bar to open a new page for type a document.
  • After you have finished your document typing click on again on File Menu and click on "Save as".
  • The "Save as"dialog box will be shown then save in "My Documents".The file name will be auto written in the File name field then click on "Save".Your document will save.If you have wanted to write Header on your document page
  • Please click on "View" Menu on the Microsoft Word status bar then you will find your desirable sub-menu Header and Footer and click on Header and Footer.
  • You can doubtless able to write Header on your Word document.

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