Why hard disk not properly detected

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Hello to everyone.
For the fast few days, my hard disk started making rattling. Clicking sound I start up but stops soon and used to work fine.
Only day before yesterday, all of a sudden it stopped detecting. It still makes clicking sound but in the bios it shows blank line.
Please  help. If you have some opinion regarding this problem, please post or give me a link.

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Why hard disk not properly detected


Its because your hard disk pin inside it that makes contact with the disk is already broken. This is due to many improper shut downs that you encountered during the course of its operation. What to do?

Solution 1:

Bring the hard disk to a technician that knows how to fix broken hard disk. They might save it for you by replacing some of its parts that is broken.

Solution 2:

Buy a new one when this hard disk is a big no anymore. This is the only way to make your computer run an operating system unless you have another one. Just make sure to install a new operating system for the hard disk once again.

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Why hard disk not properly detected


It only means your hard drive is dying or starting to break down. All hard drives will eventually die no matter how good you take care of it. But before it completely dies, it will first show signs and the clicking sound you hear from the hard drive is one of it.

Now if your hard drive no longer appears in the BIOS, one thing you can do is troubleshoot its connection. Turn off your CPU then open the CPU case. Next, disconnect all the cables connected to the hard drive. After this, connect the ribbon cable or data cable back to the hard drive. Now for the power, use or connect the other power cable to the hard drive.

Start the CPU then press DEL, DELETE, or F2 or whichever key is used to go to the BIOS. Go to the hard drive section then see if the hard drive is detected. If there is an option to manually detect it, select it to manually detect the hard drive.

If this doesn’t work, turn off the CPU again then remove and reconnect the jumper at the back of the hard drive. If this doesn’t help either, try connecting the hard drive to another computer and see if it can be detected. If the hard drive can’t really be detected, you probably need to buy a new hard drive.

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