How to know if the pc temperature is alright

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I am having some trouble due to the overheating of my PC. 

Sometimes it gets heated and turns off. If only I know how much the temperature is then I can take the necessary measures. 

So if there is such a software of hardware than I need to know.

Please someone tell me about the software or hardware and help me solve this problem.

Matth Santos

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How to know if the pc temperature is alright


Hey Matth,

It is very important for every computer to work at normal temperature. As you mentioned above that system automatically turn off when the temperature exceeded. It is very harmful for you and your computer as well. All your unsaved data will be lost if the computer automatically turns off. On the other hand it also affects your computer and your operating system.

There are many software that tells you about the temperature of your Motherboard and prevent your PC to turn off automatically. Real Temp is one of them which is the leading software among all.

Here is the link to download this software.


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How to know if the pc temperature is alright


Hi there, 

You haven't specified which PC you are using and which OS you are using, 

Please note that while posting software related questions here please also add the details about the OS , its version and all then only we can tell you specifically otherwise we must tell the solution in general wise. 

In general, 

Download these Software's and run: 

Core temp is very good, it tells the each core temperature difference, and its very good , its user interface also is fine.

Also try if you are having an Intel core processor try Intel desktop utilities, it not only tells the temperature but also all other detail is live. 

Try all those.

Good luck.

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How to know if the pc temperature is alright


I tried to download core temp and it's a very good temp monitor for my PC. My worry is now gone and I can now monitor my PC's temp with ease. 

Your solutions have been of great help to me, thank you.

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