The Debian Linux Installation Steps

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What are the steps I should follow in installing the Debian Linux into my PC?

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The Debian Linux Installation Steps


Here is the step by step installation of Debian GNU / Linux.First you have to put the installer cd of linux on your cd dvd drive, then do the dbootstrap, its the program that is run after you have booted the installation system.

Dbootstrap is responsible for the base system of your operating system,this is the one who configure and do the initial base system of your operating system which is linux.Its main job is to configure your IP address,host name,and other aspect of your networking set up for your computer,it configure the fundamental things needed by your computer to install a new operating system.

It is very easy to use,it will guide you steps by step on installing your new operating system.You can navigate by using the arrow keys and tab and enter button.

There are several sub section on installing the new operating systems, like select color or monochrome display,debian GNU Linux Installation Main Menu,Configure the Keyboard,Last Chance to Backup,Partition a Hard Disc,Initialize and Activate A Swap Partition,Initialize a Linux Partition,Install Operating System Kernel and Modules,Configure PCMCIA Support,Configure Device Driver Modules,Configure the Network,Install the Base System,Make a Boot Floppy,The Moment of Truth,Set the Root Password,Create and Ordinary User,Shadow Password Support,Remove PCMCIA,Select and Install Profiles,Package Installation with dselect, just follow what is the instructions and you will finish installing your Debian GNU Linux.

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