DDR2 533 1 GB or CORSAIR DDR2 667 2 GB?

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The motherboard I am using indicates that a DDR2 667 memory may be used with it. Does that mean it is the maximum memory for that motherboard? Furthermore I am currently using a DDR2 533 1 GB. Can you tell me if performance would be better if I replace the DDR2 533 1 GB with a CORSAIR DDR2 667 2 GB?

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DDR2 533 1 GB or CORSAIR DDR2 667 2 GB?




If you will replace you current DDR2 533 1GB RAM with a Corsair DDR2 667 2GB, your system's performance should improve. Your motherboard will be able to handle the 667 RAM speed since this is supported by your motherboard. The maximum memory that can be handled by your motherboard would be the specification that is indicated in GB. The maximum memory speed would be indicated in Mhz and this is most likely the last if it's a series of values. If your motherboard supports 2GB of RAM, then replacing your old ram should give your system an observable performance boost.


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