Series of problems after changing Gigabyte motherboard

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One of my desktop having a problem with the motherboards. I change the motherboard ( Gigabyte ) to a new one ( Jetway ) and then some problem showed up.

Everytime I plugged in a usb flashdisk or I put in a CD/DVD there's always an error message with title 'Windows – No Disk' and the details 'Exception Processing Message' I have to restart my computer then the message gone but it showed up again if I plugged the usb flashdisk back in or put the CD/DVD back in.

I have tried scanning for virus using different anti-virus such as Kaspersky and Avira but it doesn't solve the problem. I even tried re-installing Windows but the problem still exists. I was wondering if anyone ever encountered this problem ? Do you guys have solution for it or any ideas or workaround for this problem ? 



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Series of problems after changing Gigabyte motherboard


Hi Chris,

The problem you described can occur for a number of reasons, ranging from hardware change to improper software uninstall. Some startup programs are known to cause this issue as well. Here are a couple of solutions that will help you resolve it:

Open Control Panel and navigate to Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management

Here you will see a list of drives present on your system. Check this list for any drive that shows 0 Bytes as both its capactiy and free space. Select that drive by single clicking it and then from the top menu go to: Action > All Tasks > Change Drive Letter and Paths 

Click Remove, you will be prompted for confirmation; select Yes. Restart and the problem will be no more.

Alternatively, you can make some changes in the registry to correct this error.

Open the registry editor (Start > Run > Regedit) 


Browse to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Windows 
change ErrorMode value to 2 from 0.  
I hope trying these solutions solved your problem.

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Series of problems after changing Gigabyte motherboard


Hello Chris.

Since you did not mention anything about reformatting before reinstalling your OS after changing motherboards, I can only deduce that the multiple problems that you have experienced is due to the changing of your motherboard from one type to another.  It would have been great if you posted the previous model of the Gigabyte motherboard as well as the model of the replacement Jetway motherboard so we could better diagnose your problem.

Anyways, changing the motherboard and using a pre-installed Windows OS introduces as lot of problems.  At the time of installation, Windows configures its drivers, registry and other system configurations to match the hardware that it is running on.  When you replaced the motherboard, that default configuration becomes incompatible with your hardware.  The said incompatibility will cause multiple problems on you installation because the hardware is now drastically different from the original one.

The best thing to do would be to reformat before reinstalling Windows.  A reinstall is different from a reformat and reinstall because simple reinstalling over a previous installation does not remove some of the configurations of the previous install.

Good luck!


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