DATA BLK ERROR at 0x0027C400

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I have this error when I try to rewrite some codes for my phone because I have a lot of lag and is full with errors. This is the error that I have during the process and is I click Yes to continue the process is finished after 1-2 minutes. The phone is with error, is the same like before. Can anyone help me please to fix this and fix my phone please ?

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DATA_BLK_ERROR at:0x0027C400, 03

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DATA BLK ERROR at 0x0027C400

1. Open DCTxBB5 of UFSx Tornado with Original HWK v 2.2.03
2. Change settings on SCENARIO to MANUAL, SPEED to NORMAL [i used to do this in all tasks]
3. Tab BB5, on Files and Settings choose RM-92 PRODUCT, fill on all fields for COR, PPM, UAR   [UserARea]

4. Click CHECK, see the log RESULTS/EVENTS

5. Click INFO, if there is nothing goes wrong you can READ PM

6. PM Reading

7. Then when the PM's read OK what is realy happen to the device???

    Just click VERIFY
8. What are they mean?? they want to tell you there is something wrong to the device MCU [COR] file(s)
10. After flashing completed tick some options on UI OPTIONS then click UI SETTINGS
11. After all you can do CHECK and VERIFY again 
12. Now you couldn't found ERROR report anymore on the VERIFY.DISCONNECT


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