How to format E7 mobile security code free is posible

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Quite an annoying problem here. I simply forgot my security code on my Nokia E7 mobile phone. That means that I can not access anything from my phone, because the security windows keeps popping up telling me to enter my security code. That's why I thought maybe you guys could tell me how to format E7 mobile security code free because I don't want to pay for a software just to unlock my code, and I am sure that it can be done without paying. Any help would be appreciated.

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How to format E7 mobile security code free is posible


Hi Jose,

You can reset your Nokia security code using Nokia PC Suite, Nemesis Service Suite and your E7 data cable.
You can download and install the Nokia pc suite for your E7 from the official Nokia website.
You can Google for Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) for Nokia software download and installation.

Steps To Reset the Nokia security code are as below:
1. Connect your mobile to PC with data cable and select Default mode or PC Suite mode.
Note: Do Not Open the PC Suite application.
2. Launch the Nemesis Service suite (NSS) on your PC
3. Click on 'Scan new devices button' in the NSS application.
4. Click on 'Phone Info' and then 'Scan' button.
5. Select 'Power Mode' and click on 'Local' -> 'Change'.
6. Now your E7 would Restart and a 'Text Local' mode would appear on screen.
7. Select 'Production Data Edit' option and select on 'Read'. The text boxes will contain values in them.
8. Select the 'Enable' check box beside your Product Code.
9. Select 'Write' option and then 'Tools' option.
10. Now select the 'Factory Settings' tab.
11. Now click on 'Reset' button.
12. Now return to 'Phone Info' and click 'Normal' ->  'Change'.
Now your Nokia E7 security code is reset to default value of 12345.

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