Customize my Desktop to Look Like Windows 7

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Hi all,

I am using Windows XP OS. My system RAM is 1GB and INTEL ATOM processor. I want my desktop including task bar, start menu exactly look like windows 7. And i also need gadgets for Windows XP which looks like a Windows 7 gadgets. I just need only the desktop which look like Windows 7 and not any other options. Is there any software for this or we can do it with settings?

Thanks friends.

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Customize my Desktop to Look Like Windows 7


Microsoft Windows XP Transform to Windows 7 Desktop

Even before Microsoft Windows 7 was arrived there are many customization made for Microsoft Windows XP. Microsoft Windows XP before was transformed to Windows Vista and now, will be transformed to the Windows 7 Desktop.

WinXSoft develop the so called Seven Transformation Pack for Microsoft Windows Vista/Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 2003. The Transformation Pack changed the non-windows 7 look desktop into a beautiful desktop environment of Microsoft Windows 7. From the Side Bar up to Sounds, Desktop Wallpapers, Icons including Themes, Log-on Screen and the Boot Screen in Windows 7. It is fully transforming just as you are using Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Lately, Seven Transformation Pack has released the latest version including bug and fixes in their release of 7TP 5.1 version this year (2011) last March 30.

Transformation Pack in this version 7TP 5.1 was improve the following:

  1. The Ernasco’s Microsoft Windows 7 Perfect Theme
  2. Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Vista Find Indexer Kit and Microsoft Windows 7
  3. Windows 7 Exclusive and Official Wall papers
  4. Fonts for Microsoft Windows XP or the Microsoft Windows 7 Gabriola Font.
  5. Microsoft Windows 7 Build 7000 Skins Styled
  6. Calculator that looks like from Microsoft Windows 7 Calculator.
  7. Automatic Updates Mode from Microsoft Windows
  8. SecurityCenterMode from Microsoft Windows 7
  9. System Properties (sysdm.cpl) from Microsoft Windows Vista system.

Seven Transformation Pack for Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2003 and Microsoft Windows Vista was available for download on the WinXSoft website at this URL Microsoft Windows XP requires having Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 to work the transformation pack.

Note: Seven Transformation Pack transforms only the view of your Microsoft Windows Desktop but the features and functions of your operating system is still the save as what you have acquired before.

I don’t really sure if this Seven Transformation Pack violates the Terms and Conditions of Microsoft Licensing Agreement. I don’t have any information about changing your old operating system environment into a new look using the transformation pack. Some parts of the system were modified like the calculator, Skin Styler Update and Security center mode, the system properties control panel, themes and the Windows 7 Official Wall Papers. I have read before that when you buy a license software from Microsoft, the only included on the License Agreement is that what the package was included only. Interchanging of the applications and features I think is not allowed and violates the terms and agreement of Microsoft Licensing.

By the way I know you won’t tell the Microsoft that you changed the environment or the look of your Microsoft Windows XP operating system with the use of Seven Transformation Pack. Telling what you have done in your operating system like this is just like self incriminating your own life.

One thing I don’t really sure is if using the Seven Transformation Pack still allows you to get updates from Microsoft Website. So be aware of using it. This is not a recommendation but this is just the answer to your query. It’s up to you if you accept the consequence of using the Seven Transformation Pack.

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Customize my Desktop to Look Like Windows 7


Well Shakthivel

There are already many freeware in the internet now that can automatically convert the themes of XP to look like a windows 7, just download Seven Skin Pack 2.0 and just install it, you have at least 700 mb drive space to complete installation.

Seven Skin Pack 2

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