No sound in media player

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I am using windows XP, Window media player is installed, and sound driver is also installed.

But when I am playing any video there is no sound coming.

Please guide me?

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No sound in media player


Dear Cherin,

As you said your window media player has no sound.

Following things you can do check the connection of your speaker,try other music players and check sound is muted or not.

Check the power connection of the speakers.

Try to play video on vlc, QuickTime player and real player.

These are the reason's for no sounds.



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No sound in media player



For many reasons you do not get sound from your windows media player. The reasons are given below:

Codec Issue:

If you only some of the movies you're playing do not get sound it's likely you have a codec issue. A movie may be created to utilize a certain codec to allow the file to be smaller and more portable. So it must also have the codec installed.

Check volume settings:

Often no sound in the Microsoft Windows Media Player is corrected by adjusting the volume controls at the button of the window. Moving the slider from the left to the right will turn up the volume, if all way to the left the volume is turned all the way down.

Make sure not muted:

In addition the volume slider, make sure that sound icon is not pressed in. This is the mute button and will mute the sound.

Make sure equalizer balanced:

If the equalizer is all turned down you may experience sound related issues. To check this setting, click View, Enhancements, Graphic Equalizer. Once the Graphic Equalizer is displayed make sure all settings are at least mid way.

Sound settings:

Verify your sound settings are correct. When often software programs are installed it's possible for the programs to incorrectly adjust your sound settings causing issues with your sound.

If you continue to experience issues, you may want to consider reinstalling or updating the Windows Media Player on your computer.

Thank you.

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No sound in media player


It could be a problem with the codec. This is used to allow the movie or audio file to be smaller and more compact.

And you can only play the file when you have the correct codec installed. In order to get the correct codec, you need to download it from Windows Media Player or from the developer of the file you are trying to play. If you are using XP, try to check it on the Device Manager.

You can also try the Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP). Download and install it on your computer. Also, try to check if the volume control is not muted. Or the cables and cords connected to your PC and speakers are working properly. Try to update or re-install your Windows Media Player from the link:

Windows will validate your OS during the installation of WMP.

So you need to have a genuine copy of Windows.



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