Cuda trick not working in my iPad

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Hi all,

Recently I bought the IPad. I tried using the cuda card to make my laptop compatible with Adobe Premiere, but it isn't working 
Here's the cards I added to the cuda_supported_cards.txt:
Nvidia GeForce 310M
GeForce 310
Nvidia GeForce 310M 1GB
Nvidia GeForce 310
GeForce 310M
GeForce 310 1GB
GeForce N11M-GE2
Nvidia 310m
Nvidia 310
Those are a mixture of what Windows & retailer told me and what Speccy and Adobe premiere inbuilt detector told me.
I followed the CUDa steps correctly, please tell me what is wrong.
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Cuda trick not working in my iPad


Hi, it appears you have 2 video display adapter options available, the Nvidia card and the built-in Intel HDMI and it appears that only the Intel is detected, hence you failed to modify it with the Nvidia CS5.

How are you connecting your display? I'm not sure but it looks like the Nvidia output is through the VGA Adapter, whereas the Intel output is the HDMI connector. (EDIT: sorry, when an external display is attached that is.)

Look at your manual for any guidance on choosing the correct adapter, with the laptop's screen, or look on the manufacturer's forums or their technical support.

What you're trying to achieve should theoretically be possible when the current display adapter is the Nvidia card.

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