CSV format report, columns were not shown!

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I need to email a report in CSV format the report was send to me and I received it successfully,but when I open the file,  some columns were not shown as the leading zeros are suppressed.

How can I extend the columns so that the columns are retained.  

Please help. 


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CSV format report, columns were not shown!


Would you like to show some sample in order to better understand what type of problem you are facing. First of all is that if you open that file and zeros are suppressed then it doesn’t mean that they are completely removed they will still exist in the CSV file, and you can forward it as it is.

In other case I have some suggestions for you. Otherwise, You may like to open the CSV file in some notepad or some other text editing application and may replace the zeros with some other character or symbol so that they might not get disappear, and you should convey it to the other end as well so that it might be well understood between both ends.

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