Vista Administrator Password locked out

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I really need your help because I think I messed up my system. I got confused with the profile accounts on my computer. I am using Windows Vista and while on the process of adding the other account, I enabled the parental controls. And somehow both of my accounts were switching to a standard one and when it is asking for an administrator password, there is no place for me to type in. The OK button is not highlighted as well.

Could anyone please tell me what to do? And also, how do I turn off parental controls?

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Vista Administrator Password locked out


Hi John Raymond,

I have read your issue and what we need to resolve here is on how you will be able to log in to your computer again. This has been a known problem for Vista users.  You won’t be able to do system restore on this one since it will give you an error message that you are not the administrator. You need to be on safe mode. The user will be allowed to create a new password for the administrator account.

To be on Safe Mode:

1.      Reboot the computer and when its start to boot back up start pressing F8 until you see a black menu

2.      Select Safe Mode

3.      Use the arrow keys

4.      Press enter

5.      On the login screen you will see the admin account

6.      Click on the account icon and the system will boot into safe mode, and will take a few minutes

7.      Control Panel

8.      User Accounts

9.      Manage other account

10.  Select one of the standard accounts

11.  Select change to account type

12.  Change to administrator

Reboot your computer and log on to the account where you made changes. Make sure you only have one administrator account.

To disable the parental controls on your account.

1. Go to control Panel

2. Parental controls

3. Select your picture

4. Select OFF

5. Activity reporting OFF

I hope all works out for you with these solutions. If everything else fails please contact a local technician or if your computer is still on warranty please give them a call.

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Vista Administrator Password locked out


If you’ve been locked out of your computer and you need to restore your account back to admin type, try changing your account using the built-in admin account in Microsoft Windows. When you install Microsoft Windows, it includes an admin account called “Administrator”. You are automatically logged in using this account the first time you install the Microsoft Windows operating system.

When you created a new admin account, this “Administrator” account is automatically hidden that’s why you no longer see it the next time you log in to your computer. Since it is hidden, you can boot to Safe Mode to access it so you can change your account’s type. Restart your computer then press F8 before the Windows logo appears.

In Advanced Boot Options screen, select “Safe Mode” then hit Enter. In the login screen, select “Administrator” to log in. Once you are logged in, click “Start”, “Control Panel” then “User Accounts”. Next, select the user account you want to change then click “Change my account type”. On the next screen, select “Computer administrator” to restore it back to admin type then click “Change Account Type”.

And that’s it. Restart your computer and boot normally.

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