Cross or straight Ethernet cable?

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I learned in school how to make Ethernet cable but I don’t know which one should I make to connect two computers. I have still have my notes on how do it and I've done it once before. I just wonder which one I should use, cross or straight. I want to make one long cable, about 120ft long.

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Cross or straight Ethernet cable?



Hi Jody B. Alcaraz,

   Well, that sure is a fun and learning experience. Anyway, straight and cross Ethernet cables are somehow alike, but still differ in such aspects. They both operate differently, and both use differently.

Straight Ethernet cables have their pins exactly connected to the same pin on the other end. Basically, pin one is connected to pin 1, pin 2 is connected to pin 2, and etc.. They are primarily used in unlike devices such as:

*router – hub

*computer – switch

*lan port – switch, hub or computer

Computer to a router is not possible because they are not considered to be unlike devices; however, routers and even computers are now compatible with any kind of Ethernet cable.

Cross Ethernet Cables are created in such away in order to flip the pins, and connect them to corresponding pins. These are used for like devices such as:

*computer – router

*hub – hub

*switch – switch

*computer – computer

*router – router

Just choose corresponding to use. In your case, you need a crossover cable.

>>Mathew Joni<<


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