Critical Hard Disk Drive Error

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My system hard disk is not working properly. When I start my system some time my window start properly and some time it shows that hard disk drive is not attached properly then I check jumpers and then attach it again and start my system. Then it works. I change data cable but I can’t remove problem if any one know its solution tell me.

Critical Hard Disk Drive Error

System Recovery detected a bad sector on your hard disk drive. This error may cause the following problems:

Data corruption and loss

Hard drive inaccessibility

System errors and failures

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Critical Hard Disk Drive Error


Hello Monicasputo.

That is a Trojan. System Recovery is a program that masquerades as a legitimate program. It changes files within your system to make you think that something is wrong with your PC. In order to fix those errors you are required to purchase System Recovery. Unfortunately, a lot of people are fooled into buying it. As you can see, their method of selling their product is fraudulent and criminal. Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY System Recovery!

First of all do not run any utility that will clean up the Temporary directory of Windows such as CCleaner. this is because System Recovery keeps a backup of all the files that it has tampered with in your Temporary directory. Once you clean out the temporary directory, there's no way to recover your system other than to reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows.

Get a good malware removal tool such as Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (freeware). Here's a guide on how to remove the malware using Malwarebytes:Remove System Recovery (Uninstall Guide)

Another tool you can use is Super Anti spyware.

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Critical Hard Disk Drive Error


Hello dear Monicasputo,

I suggest you to use Windows Recovery.

Your PC is infected by malware.

You might be wondering how to remove critical hard disk drive error and all those annoying pop-ups that originated from it.

Here’s how to get rid of critical hard disk drive error.

  • Download Trojan killer from non-infected computer (another computer).
  • Update the virus database.
  • Store it in the C drive under the filename “trojankiller.exe”.
  • Now copy it in your infected drive

You can see a tutorial how to fix it.

I will be glad if your problem is solved.


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