Some Question about the RAID

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Hi, I have some questions about RAID:

  1. Is there any possibility to use RAID on a SSD and normal HDD? What about their size, should it be same?
  2. Is there any motherboard that can support Dual Raid?

Please explain with a little detail.


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Some Question about the RAID


Hi Zulqarnain,

My answer to your first question is YES. You can configure two hard drives in a RAID. But you have some things to consider. First is its Speed, your hard drive should have the same speed. Remember that SSD and HDD have different read/write speeds. Imagine you are putting together two drives (SSD and HDD) that operate in completely different ways that is completely unstable.

Second is its Size. It is strongly recommended and Advisable to use Identical size of Hard drive for maximum capacity usefulness. The basic computation in finding RAID’s capacity is smallest capacity drive times the number of drives in a RAID. If you put your 32 GB SSD and Two 500 GB HDD in RAID 0, then you will only have a total of 96 GB.

Regarding your second question. Yes, there are motherboards which support dual RAID. Some examples are GIGABYTE GA-EP45T-USB3P, ASUS Sabertooth X58 LGA 1366, ASUS P6T. You have to make some precautions in installing driver for RAID because some of them needs advance user knowledge in order to work properly. Just look at website support for configuring RAID in different models of motherboard.

If you have problem installing dual hard drive in your RAID. There is hardware available in the market today which aids you in configuring dual hard drive in RAID, a very good example is the Icy Dock MB982SPR-2S. There hardware is easy to set up. You can mount two (SSD/HDD) at a time. It has its own software for easy configuration, It is user friendly and compatible to windows and Mac.

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Some Question about the RAID



Combining HDD with SSD to work in RAID is not a native feature. If you would like to combine them, you should buy a Hybrid RAID Controller.

Regarding second question about Dual Raid, majority of modern motherboards support Dual Raid (4 HDDs combined). Just look for specifications of motherboard and check under the storage section does it support Raid 10 (for example, it should look like this: RAID 0,1,5,10, or RAID 0,1, 10)

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